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Choral warm-ups for the Promenade Choirs

Vocal warm-ups

Please use this page with care. Warming up your voice is important for healthy voice use and developing good singing technique, but do not push things inappropriately! Above all, if the exercises go beyond a comfortable range, stop

A PDF of the exercises is available by clicking here.

For guidance...

Here are a few short tutorials on how the warm-ups are meant to be used.

Before using the warm-up video please listen through this video to hear Christopher explaining what he wants to Camilla.

Do a signing warm-up with Christopher and Camilla. Before using this video please listen to Christopher explaining what he wants to Camilla in the first video.

A couple of fun warmups...

Learn Ah! poor bird, which is a lovely round, and join Camilla singing it as a round. If you already know the song go to the end of the video!

Learn My bonnie lies over the Ocean, then have fun playing games with the song. If you already know it go to half way through the video!