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Publications by Christopher Goldsack

French song anthologies

Singing in French anthologies

The Singing in French anthologies are beautifully presented scores, carefully integrated with phonetic transcriptions in IPA and accompanied by word for word and idiomatic translations. Each song has detailed notes on style and language use.

There are two volumes. Volume 1 has simpler songs aimed at those who are not familiar with the language, but all still worthy of a professional recital. The songs from Volume 2 are from mainstream repertoire, aimed at providing singers with a strong foundation for further exploration. Both volumes are available in editions for higher and lower voices.

Between the two volumes much of the repertoire for public examinations is covered. All the songs are available for digital download, as are digital accompaniments.

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Oratorio anthologies

Oratorio Anthologies

The four Mélodie Treasury anthologies of Oratorio Arias, for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices, offer a stunning resource for singing students, professional singers and teachers. Each has over fifty arias, with most of the familiar repertoire from baroque to romantic, and many less well known jewels. They offer an amazing foundation for technical development as well as being a convenient collection for studying the repertoire.

The extracts in these collections will gradually become available for digital download, as will digital accompaniments

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The Simple Science of Singing

This comprehensive little book takes a refreshing and accessible look at some of the most detailed and complex ideas in voice science as it applies to singing, but tells the story in simple language. The science of the voice is not simple and it is not intuitive. This book makes no assumptions of prior knowledge. The fundamentals of the nature of sound and the anatomy of the voice are introduced sympathetically. Christopher Goldsack studied physics and was a physics teacher before embarking on a career as an opera singer.

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Teaching Young Singers

This little book does not set out to be an exhaustive analysis of all the possible ways of working with young singers. In Teaching Young Singers Christopher Goldsack shares his thoughts, as a highly experienced and dedicated teacher, on why he does what he does. It was written in response to a number of discussions he had with many other very capable teachers who knew of his teaching and had come to him for advice.

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Cinq mélodies populaires grecques

Ravel's Greek folksong arrangements, Cinq melodies populaires grecques, are a delightful collection for audience and performers alike. They are presented here with all the support in the French language offered in the Singing in French anthologies.

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Liebeslieder Waltzes

Brahms's delightful Liebeslieder Waltzes are eternally popular with choirs. Here they are presented in satisfying new translations by Christopher Goldsack. His Op.52 set are complete. The Op.65 set are coming soon. The Op.52 set is available in the original SATB version, and a new SAB version suitable for youth choirs. They are presented with a piano reduction of the duet score for rehearsal purposes.

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